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Download Mugen DragonBall AF Budokai Tenkaichi

Dragon Ball AF Budokai Tenkai was the subject of an "April Fool's" joke in 1997 (following the end of Dragon Ball GT), which concerned a fourth anime installment of the Dragon Ball series. It has since gained popularity, been the basis for various fictional works by fans, and has even resulted in a dōjinshi series produced by Toyble.

This is completely fake, this was and never will be a real anime. This is can be cool at times, but insulting to the storyline of Dragon Ball also. This is soley made up from fans who want to create fake characters or characters with higher super saiyan forms, for example: In Dragon Ball AF, Goku has reached Super Saiyan 10 (long super saiyan 3-like hair;redish orange; similar fur color to hair color;bulky muscles; black aura --allegedly--). Many have said that the fake Super Saiyan 5 tranformation has different characteristics for each character. For example: Gogeta has gold fur, and long gold hair, similar to the first 3 Super Saiyans forms. But others,like Trunks, have short, spiky, peral hair and fur. The tail, however, is kept throughout each transformation after SSJ4. They've made a Super Saiyan transformation for many characters in the Dragon Ball series.

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Riyad Febrian

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