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Download Mugen One Piece Colosseum MUGEN 2011 (Hi-Res) by GoldDTrace & RistaR87

One Piece Colosseum MUGEN 2011 (Hi-Res) by GoldDTrace & RistaR87 

 Download : 

This game contains 46 characters and 28 stages.
This si still not a final version of the game. A lot of characters need more work and I have to add more stages and few other things. For now enjoy this BETA version :)

SPECIAL MOVES - Important! Must Read!

Don't ask me for Special Moves and Combos!
-You can find the Special Moves for some chars in their folders in 'Readme.txt' or 'Movelist.txt'
-If you don't. This could be helpful:
Energy Charge can be any single button (including Start/Enter), or Two Buttons pressed together.
Special Moves can be usually done when you have enough of Energy and press 'Down + Some Button',
'Down, Forward + Some Button', 'Down, Backward + Some Button' or Two Buttons pressed together.
Sometimes even 'Down,Forward,Down,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Backward,Down,Backward + Some Button'

The best way to learn Special Moves is to go to TRAINING mode and practice.

First I want to thank GoldDTrace for letting me work with him on this game.
-Special Thanks to:
GamerXP, n3o_krat0z, Madara, rasengan08, vashexe, Drago30000, Deathnintendo, Anjel, Blackbeard, Itachi-Sensei, Bear, Shark4Ever, Sasuke_Snake, Balak, Megadoomer, Will, Revolber, ss, n2790, ligo, D4rk_JIN, Ace000, Zakk, Tyler, Dieck Yagami, Shimori, talic, trnhAwcqe02030, Serious Cat, Omegabros, Jerrydrizzt and ºê·Ï·¯ºê

Riyad Febrian

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