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Cheat Ninja Saga [NS] : EXP-Gold Bank 4 April 2012

- Fiddler Link:Download
- swf File:Download

Steps :

1. Open Ninja Saga
2. NOW OPEN "FIDDLER 2" AND CLICK ON > "AutoResponder" > THEN CLICK ON > "Enable automatic responses"
AND ALSO CLICK ON > "Unmatched requests passthrough"
3. NOW DRAG THE "SWF FILE" IN "AutoResponder"
4. Clear your browser's cache
5. Reload Ninja Saga
6. Open Ninja Saga
7. Goto Headquarter
8. Delete the old pass.
9. Now Enter this code 63978DCB04
10. Now Choose A Hack Which You Want To Use

Riyad Febrian

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